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I'm trying to switch from an iPhone 3GS to a Galaxy SII and got multiple questions. This one concerns migrating the text messages (SMS). I've found quite some articles, basically they fall into two categories:

  1. Getting the text message SQLite database from the Itunes backup and exporting stuff manually to CSV files.
  2. Importing the SQLite database directly with tools.

Most pages link to this article

Problem: Apparently, this only works in IOS < 5.0 or Itunes < 10, don't know. With newer backups, the SQLite database can not be opened anymore, the Android tools mentioned do not work anymore.

So I'm looking for any other suggestions on how to correctly migrate the text messages to Android.

Note: I'm aware that maybe this is more a iPhone question than Android. Nevertheless, I hope to find someone here who faced the same problems. This is exactly the reason why I'm migrating in the first place.

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Thanks for all the answers. Actually, for everyone still interested in this or facing the same problem: The newest version of Samsung KIES supports direct import from IPhone backups! It's too late for me so I haven't tried it out and I know it's specific to Samsung but hope someone can use the info anyway. – socken23 Apr 30 '12 at 12:24

Worked like a charm for me with the 2nd option (web service convertion) on this page: I´m running the latest Itunes and Win 7 32-bit Enterprise. My IPhone runs iOS 5.0.1 My Android is a Xperia Arc with Android 2.3.3

What I did was basically create a PC-backup (used to run ICloud but changed that option in Itunes), look up the needed db-file (according to the guide), convert it with the web service and then load it on to the Android phone memory-card, and then use the SMS backup and Restore to restore the sms-database.

Only problem I had, was that all the sms-es that had been sent or received with iMessage was corrupted. Apparently they dont store phonenumber with these posts and therefore all these messages where put in a "Unknown" thread, with no date connected to them.

Regards /Jimmy

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The problem with is that it doesn't correctly extract the iMessages correctly. It gets the wrong timestamp, and leaves the address empty and the type (which represents sent or received) is always 1 (received). – user17324 Jul 24 '12 at 5:05

It looks like you need a program called "SMS Migrator" from "AntTek inc".

I have never tested the program, but it looks like it does what you want for a fair price.

Android market explanation:

Keep your sms forever!

4 steps to migrate / import / transfer / move SMS from Iphone, 
Window Mobile, Symbian (Nokia), BlackBerry, Sony Errison, 
Samsung, Siemens, and so on to your Android.

After install this app., check-out to see how it works.

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Thanks for your tip. Not sure if this is what I'm looking for though. It suggests exporting the SMS to a CSV file, couldn't find the right iphone tool. I really thought there needs to be a tool that directly imports from the iphone backup like in the pre ios 5 versions. Anyway, I ended up going through my SMS messages and not importing them at all. – socken23 Dec 3 '11 at 12:49

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