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This probably is a common question but so far I have not seen a thorough answer.

I want to know if it is possible to have the rocker functionalities that are on cyanogem mod on a factory rom (htc desire s). that is:

long press up = next song.

long press down = previous song.

short press up = volume up

short press down = volume down

i would like to keep using the htc rom, since i like the sense ui, and also id like to keep using the htc music player, i think is simple and is able to manage correctly the compilations albums.

does anyone know of an app that can do this, that is NOT another musicplayer. Or as a 2nd option to explain if it is possible to create my own app for it and maybe to make some points towards the right direction to do this.

thanks in advance

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Rocking Shortcuts (Lite) sounds like it does exactly what you're asking about, except that rather than using short-click/long-click it uses single-click/double-click on the volume rocker to control your music.

If you only want to go to the next song, and don't often go back then the more specialised Next Song should do exactly this with no need for any configuration or options.

It's not quite what you're asking about, but assuming that you're listening to your music through headphones then an app like Headset Button Controller (Trial) or Headset Droid (trial) has some very similar functionality but they use the button on a wired headset, rather than the volume controls.

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The Apps given by the former poster are no longer available in the market. – user14126 Apr 9 '12 at 12:10

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