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My Galaxy Ace doesn't get recognized by my HP laptop with USB connection. When I tried to connect it with my friend's cable on his Dell laptop, it notified CONNECTION UNSUCCESSFUL - NO DRIVER FOUND. My phone still gets charged though. When I tried the *#7284# solution it wrote:


I selected [1]USB[*] and it gave me:

USB_Diag Selected
Change Complete.
IF you change Uart or USB diag
Please reboot the mobile.

I'm not able to find MODEM->PDA mode.

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You need to download the correct version of kies from samsung website and after successful installation check for kies update.

also try toggling under

settings->development->USB debugging, w/wo connecting USB cable.

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Notice the cable. Once I tried a normal USB cable for a Samsung Nexus S phone, and the connection failed. The cable that was given together with the phone worked. The official cable's shape is a little bit different from a normal cable. It has a small cylindrical protrusion on the wire.

I know this sounds strange, but it might matter.

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