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The requirement is similar to Netmeeting software where the screen of a desktop is shared and can be accessed for another system. Is is possible in a mobile device?

There should be no PC to Mobile connection.

Applicability: This can be used for verification of railway or air tickets where I can show my ticket shared with examiner's device instead of handing him the device.

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FYI: It's better to ask question about a problem ("how can I share my screen...") than to ask for an app. In the latter case you've already selected your solution and the question becomes a "what's your favorite app that does X" poll question, which the FAQ tells us is off-topic. –  Al E. Dec 10 '11 at 18:05

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If your device is rooted you could try to run a VNC Server (e.g. droid VNC server BETA) and access it from the other mobile device with a VNC viewer of your choice.

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join.me should work. Although i have never tried it myself for two android phones but it seems it may work. Try.

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