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Has anyone experienced this weird problem with the Android Market when accessing on the phone.

Firstly, I'm in Australia, so expect prices for apps to be shown in AUD, but when I first open the Market on my phone...

  • The 'featured' listing prices are in pounds.
  • When viewing say the 'games' list, a search list or drilled down to a specific app, prices are in AUD (but some with incorrect amounts)
  • When going "directly" to an app (eg. search 'Doodle Jump') price is listed as 99c (even though on the web-market it shows 10c)
  • Instead of doing a search, if I browse through the game-list and then going into 'Doodle Jump' it shows as 10c...

I've cleared market cache and forced stopped it... still see the same problems :S

ps. Android Market on the web works fine for me, but just a bit puzzled by the on the phone behaviour. pps. price of 10c is from the 10 billion apps promotion thing Google has going on.

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I can confirm the same thing here in UK despite seeing the prices in pounds. – UncleZeiv Dec 13 '11 at 14:13