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I left my tablet home for the entire day, in standby mode and under charge. When I came back, I found the screen was on and the device was quite warm. A few nights ago, I was awaken by the brightness of the screen at 4AM (revived without apparent reason) and never managed to sleep again until I got up to shut it down completely.

I understand that there could be a program running with permission to prevent standby mode for the device, but since 70% of the software I installed require this permission I'm a bit confused.

If I return to the desktop and put the device to sleep, why the hell should some app revive it from standby? I understand that a movie player, when focused, wants to avoid the device to enter standby, but I really don't get why should apps revive the device to lockscreen and never let it go sleep again.

It only happens when I'm not in Airplane mode.

Is there a way to find which application revived the screen and damn uninstall it?

I have installed stock HC3.2 rooted from XDA Developers.

[Add] A few log lines

06-08 21:49:42.630 I/Email   (1256): ReconcilePopImapAccountsSync: done
06-08 21:49:44.490 D/Email   (1256): *** synchronizeMailboxGeneric ***
06-08 21:49:45.590 I/AlarmManager(792): Alarm type : 2, from setRepeating operation :
06-08 21:49:45.590 I/AlarmManager(792): ----Alarm type: 2Second:41988.403000000
06-08 21:49:45.930 D/dalvikvm(13597): GC_EXPLICIT freed 28K, 9% free 7121K/7751K, paused 7ms+2ms
06-08 21:49:51.510 V/AlarmManager(792): --- from triggerAlarmsLocked operation: android
06-08 21:49:51.510 I/AlarmManager(792): ----Alarm type: 2Second:42300.0
06-08 21:49:51.550 I/Email   (1256): ReconcilePopImapAccountsSync: start
06-08 21:49:51.550 I/AlarmManager(792): Alarm type : 2, from setRepeating operation :
06-08 21:49:53.150 V/AlarmManager(792): --- from triggerAlarmsLocked operation: com.acer.ap.sns
06-08 21:49:53.150 I/AlarmManager(792): ----Alarm type: 3Second:42674.723000000
06-08 21:49:53.180 D/BatteryService(792): level:39 scale:100 status:3 health:2 present:true voltage: 3768 temperature: 295 technology: Li-ion AC powered:false USB powered:false icon:17302707 invalid charger:0
06-08 21:49:55.570 I/AlarmManager(792): Alarm type : 3, from setRepeating operation : android
06-08 21:49:55.570 I/AlarmManager(792): ----Alarm type: 3Second:42590.997000000
06-08 21:49:55.670 I/Email   (1256): ReconcilePopImapAccountsSync: done
06-08 21:49:55.860 W/BatteryService(792): Unknown battery status ';ވ����@'
06-08 21:49:55.860 I/power   (792): *** set_screen_state 1

Thank you

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Does the screen turn itself on when it finishes charging? Some phones do that, so it's possible that could be what's waking the screen (assuming it's always charging when this happens). – eldarerathis Dec 16 '11 at 20:31
It can happen at any time, even not under charge, even not in presence of an apparent event (new mail, new Skype msg...); the fact is that if I don't leave the tablet unattended I can turn it off almost immediately by pressing the button. I said almost because sometimes I have to try twice – usr-local-ΕΨΗΕΛΩΝ Dec 16 '11 at 20:33