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In order to read or even know I have emails in my Outlook subfolders, I have to open each subfolder individually and allow it to sync. This is very time consuming. Is there a way to set up the email so it auto synchs my subfolders? I tried the select all option but it doesn't work.

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possible duplicate of How do I sync all mail folders on my HTC Desire? – Al E. Aug 2 '12 at 19:27

Auto-Syncing subfolders means additional network traffic, and eats more of your battery -- which is why it's not generally to recommend. But if you insist, for selected folders it might be sometimes useful. What you need for this is an email app supporting the sync of subfolders. One such app is K-9 Mail.

Speaking of "Outlook subfolders": Outlook is a client, not a server -- so it's hard to tell what you're using. Aforementioned K-9 supports IMAP (recommended), POP3 (only if needed), and also Exchange (via WebDAV -- only for those who have no alternative, but that's my personal opinion). Guess one of them should cover your demands.

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