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I have an HTC Desire HD. I work in a noisy environment as well as ride a motorbike. I often don't hear or feel the vibrations when the phone rings. One of my previous phones had a function where it would ring once every 60 seconds until I attended to the message on my phone.

Is there a way that will provide this service?

Another issue is that sometimes the volume gets reduced. I must accidentally turn it off when I put the phone on my belt clip. One day I had 20 missed calls when checked because the device didn't ring for those calls.

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IMHO the simplest solution would be using a Bluetooth headset. Right in the ear you should hear the ringtone. – Robert Dec 18 '11 at 12:30

You can try MissedReminder. It's free.

Hate missing txt messages?This will keep notifying of new unread text messages

Do you hate it when you are away from your phone or in a loud place and miss a text message? This app will keep notifying you when you have a new unread text message so you don't miss it. It is customizable to notify as often or as long as you want. The default settings will notify you every 5 minutes.

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There's also Notification plus.

It's made for phones that don't have a notification LED to inform the owner of pending (unnoticed) events. From the Play Store description:

Notification Plus delivers recurring notifications via the phone's vibrator or notification ringtone. This is especially useful for phones which lack a notification LED, such as the Nexus S and Galaxy S variants.
Because there is no way for the application to receive all notifications in a uniform way, only certain events will trigger the recurring notification. Those events include:
- SMS messages
- GMail messages
- Missed calls
This application is free software, licensed under the GNU GPL v3. The source code can be found on the project home page:

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