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I know that a common problem with Android tablets is that they lack multi-user support. I wonder if there isn't already a solution that allows me to select the user on boot by linking/moving/changing the data partition.

There are boot managers that allow the selection of the (custom) ROM to be loaded, just like Windows/Linux dual-boot. Are there any Apps that allows me to select the data partition/user on boot? Or let me switch the user data on-the-fly without rebooting?

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you can use SwitchMe if you have root, which I believe does all you ask

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While SwitchMe does not act as boot manager, does the job very well. – Flow Mar 9 '12 at 16:40

Dont know exactly if you are satisfied with this, but in the near future VmWare will release one version for Android.
This adds a little bit of multi user support, because you can start another android system like any other apps.
Video Link to a little demonstration:

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Sorry, but this is my best answer:

You could have a system where you mount an sdcard partiton as data etc for the other user, unfortunately, there is no project in development for this THAT I KNOW OF.

However, this would work, unfortunately, you would need to reboot, so it isn't really what you wanted.

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data2sd can do that. – roxan Jan 18 '12 at 4:25

Titanium Backup has a 'multi user data profiles' feature that can be used to have a per app multi user like functionality: It has some restrictions like 'doesnt work with apps that have services', etc.

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