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I am installing a custom rom for the very first time and I simply don't want to brick my phone (Huawei U8150).

  1. I downloaded and installed Rom Manager
  2. I downloaded Cyanogen 7 ( for my U8150 and stored it on SD card.
  3. I started Rom Manager > Flash ClockMod Recovery > shows a list of supported phones. It does not have U8150 in the list. I wonder how others have made it work!
  4. From ROM Manager I chosen the Rom file manually with "Install ROM from SD Card" option, it restarts and gives only for options a. reboot, b. apply c & d. wipe

What to do next? The rom file is in .zip, while I downloaded another .img file (clockworkmod_5.0.2.7_u8150.img). What does it exactly do?

I think i must first create backup of current rom and then install cyanogen.

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  1. Install ClockworkMod Recovery using any of the given methods here:

    • Install Terminal Emulator from the market.
    • Install Root Explorer from the market.
    • Download the recovery of your choice and copy the recovery.img to your sd card. (if its not named recovery.img rename it)
    • With Root Explorer, navigate to where the recovery is and copy it to /system/bin/ (remember to select mount as R/W first in order for it to copy.)
    • Open Terminal Emulator and enter the command "su" (without the quotes)
    • After that enter the command "flash_image recovery /system/bin/recovery.img" (again without the quotes)
    • That's it, the recovery has been flashed. Reboot in recovery to confirm.
    • Once you've confirmed the recovery flashed properly remember to delete the recovery.img from /system/bin/ (using root explorer, and mount as R/W)
  2. Then follow the instructions of using ClockworkMod given here

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Why the downvote? The first link has step-by-step instructions on how to correctly flash the recovery. – Chahk Jan 1 '12 at 0:49
@Chahk: Your edit is not correct, because that link has three different methods, the second one worked for me. – LifeH2O Jan 1 '12 at 23:23
Any one of the 3 methods should work. Feel free to edit again with the method that worked for you though. – Chahk Jan 2 '12 at 2:21

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