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I'm using SugarSync to sync files between my phone and computer, but am not sure if things are actually working as they should. It would be great to watch android network traffic in real time. Anyone know of an app?

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There is an app called 3G WatchDog.
It can monitor 3G data transfer and Wi-Fi traffic. A pretty neat application.

Real Time Wifi Traffic Display

Click image for larger version

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This app now does exactly what the original question asked for... Thanks! – GollyJer Jan 27 at 4:44

Isn't really an answer, but...

There is WiFi Analyzer which shows more information on the wireless networks your device can reach. It gives you more detail than the average user would require.

As far as I know, there is no application available on Android (yet?) that can "sniff packets".

Would be an interesting application to have in the pocket.

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Cool app. Thanks for pointing it out. I use Tomato firmware on my router to do the same thing but Wifi Analyzer will make it much easier. – GollyJer Mar 7 '10 at 21:03
This isnt true now. If you have root access. There are a variety of Packet sniffing applications and some which even do session and cookie hijacking for you. Facesniff and Droidsheep are 2 prime examples. – Gautham C. Jan 2 '12 at 23:28

You can view, sniff, and save actual network packets, however this requires root access.

Shark for Root app does this.

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You don't need root to do this! Android apps can utilize the VpnService API to capture packets without root.

Here are some apps I found that do not require root:

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First, you need root access in your phone. Then you can try a different package sniffer.

Some free apps are:

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Second link appeared to be dead. I removed the link but not the app's name (package name: edu.droidshark) since the app may be available outside Play Store. – Firelord Jan 28 at 13:43

Internet Speed Meter Lite is an app which exactly does it.

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Network Log is an app quite simple to use. It shows real time packets in a human-readable way as well as statistics. It takes it directly from iptables, hence you need a rooted device.

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