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Is there any application on android which functions like 'PhotoWalls'? I am looking for an app which can assemble 1 photo from pieces of different photos?

I have tried PhotoWalls, it does not let me pick photos I took from Camera. It only picks photos from my album. I am not sure why it has such restriction.

Thank you.

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Don't photos you've taken with your camera show in the album, they should do? –  GAThrawn Jan 4 '12 at 11:24

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For Photowall app, you can do a simple trick do have a photowall of the pictures you want only, use a File Explorer application and create a folder (for example "myfotowall"), then copy all pictures that you want them to appear in your photowall to that folder. Now go back to the Photowall Live Wall Paper Setting, you can make Photowall to use the picture folder only, navigate it to "myfotowall" folder, then voila!

You can view the reference image of how and where to choose the image folder in Photowalls setting.

Photowalls setting screenshot

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