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Is there any way to sync my Firefox bookmarks with Android?

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I believe Fennec (Firefox mobile) will have this feature, but it is currently only in alpha. You can get a copy of the alpha here. Note that you'll need about 40mb+ of internal storage space free to install it.

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Firefox mobile does support this natively now, via the Mozilla Sync service (built-in to mobile, and a free add-in for the desktop Firefox). Note, that it has been massively slimmed down since the early betas, the current Firefox 4 beta 3, only needs about 6mb and is enabled for app2SD, it's available in the Android Market… – GAThrawn Jan 31 '11 at 12:56

I don't see a FireFox extension that bring bookmarks to your phone permanently. There are a few suggestions in this question but they are designed more for sending links on a one-time basis. Getting the FireFox add-on and the add-on for the Android dolphin browser might be the best bet. (I knew I saw this somewhere on here... props to this answer which mentions for Android.)

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Xmarks Premium allows to synchronize all bookmarks between different PCs (supports Chrome, Firefox and more) and different mobile phones/tablet (Android, iPhone, Blackberry) for 12$/year.

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If you have a HTC phone and Windows, then HTC sync will do this.

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