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A few days ago I noticed that sometimes emails were getting stuck in the Outbox in GMail on my Samsung Droid Charge. That was when I noticed that my Inbox count was showing unread messages, but the inbox wasn't showing the messages. I made sure the the correct label was selected (Inbox) and tried syncing/refreshing, but to no avail. I can go to and see my emails loaded. This situation seems to be caused by trying to send an email or refresh when my 4G connection is spotty.

I tried force closing GMail then restarting it, but that doesn't work. Restarting my phone is the only thing that appears to get GMail to sync again, but it stops after an hour or so.

I have even tried clearing all data, but that didn't work. When I did that, GMail told me that it would load data soon, but it stayed in that state for hours until I restarted the phone.

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Try getting the log off your phone when this happens. You can either use the adb logcat command if you have ADB installed and configured on your PC, or download an app like aLogcat from the Market. When the sync stops working, fire up the log collector, and try to force the sync (either via settings or by sending an e-mail.) Then copy-paste here the portion of the log showing the errors (don't forget to edit out personal any info,) so that we can help troubleshoot this. – Chahk Jan 10 '12 at 16:09
I've installed aLogCat but I'm not sure how to tell whether errors are related to Gmail. – Matt Casto Jan 10 '12 at 18:27
The errors may not be directly related to Gmail, but more about connectivity, timeouts, etc. Save the logs to SD Card, pull them off and edit on your PC. The problem areas should be fairly easy to spot. The lines will start with "ERROR", "System.err", "warning" or something similar. – Chahk Jan 10 '12 at 19:53