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First : I know about abdWireless app. But my problem is different.

I am using my Android mobile as Mobile AP (Portable WiFi hotspot) for using internet on my computer. I want to use adb in wireless mode but the problem is - when i enable Mobile AP on my android mobile WiFi gets turned off and i am unable to use abdWireless app.

I want to use both wireless ADB and Portable WiFi hotspot at the same time. Is there any way to do it ???

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The ADB over Wifi Widget works over mobile AP connections, though it does require root. You'd need to install it, place the widget on one of your home screens, and then tap it to turn on wireless ADB connections. The widget should then show the IP you need to connect to (ex: in my case it was and the port to use (mine was 8000, but this is configurable). On your PC you then need to run:

adb connect <ip>:<port>

So again using my device as an example, I used:

adb connect
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Thanks eldererathis. You've made my day. 'ADB over Wifi Widget' is the only tools that worked, others just failed. Now i can use both wifi hotspot and adb simultaneously. – VVK Jan 18 '12 at 18:01

On newer android versions (around 4.0 or so, do not know exactly), you can do this without the need for a 3rd part app.

First, enable WiFi tethering, and connect your computer to the hotspot.

Next, go to Settings->Developer Options and check ADB over TCP/IP.

Now, you have to get your device's local IP. All you have to do is open up terminal emulator, and enter the netcfg command.

Look for the line that has 'wifi' in it, and look to the far right - you should see an IP address. This is your device's local IP.

Now just go to your computer, and type:

adb connect <devices local IP>

into a terminal.

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  1. Enable adb over USB in settings of your Android device. With this, you can already use most of the apps from Market.

  2. In terminal in Android device, type setprop service.adb.tcp.port 5555

Most programs from Market do only second. For first, they need root (like ADB over Wifi Widget).

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