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Out of the box, I noticed my Incredible has a lot of stuff running/turned on by default. Besides the basics of turning off WiFi, GPS, and BlueTooth when I'm not using them, are there more steps I can take to make my battery last longer?

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In general, I believe reducing use of vibration helps save battery life on a phone. So for the Incredible, I even disabled the feature of vibrating when entering keystrokes.

Here are some good tips from wikiHow.

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FYI, for HTC, keyboard "haptic feedback" is found in the sound/display settings. – glasnt Sep 14 '10 at 2:55

Switching to 2G when there's no need to use 3G networks is also increasing the battery life.

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How do you switch? – abhi Sep 14 '10 at 2:16

The biggest thing I've seen is to dim the backlight as much as possible (while remaining comfortable for your eyes), as well as lowering screen time-out length. Another big killer is to stay connected to wifi or 3g with a very weak signal. If it is at the point of losing connection and reconnecting repeatedly, it will eat through the battery very quickly.

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