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A friend sent me a couple of contacts via vCard mms. I received them as text messages, with for example the contact avatar rendered as plain text and some of the characters replaced with android emoticons. I could dig the relevant info out of the text message, but I would like to simply import it as a contact to save doing that tedious process. If I press and hold on the text, I get option to save the email or the phone but it is just scraping the text - not properly importing the vcard format.

Is there an easy way to import the contact? (note: for something so simple as this, I would not really be interested in a paid app)

My friend was using iPhone 4. I am on Galaxy Nexus.

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I found some encoding issues when dealing with vCards, but generally, I was able to open any vCard file with the native contact manager application, have you tried to open the file with your computer?

The vCard is a text format file, so the image is encoded in Base64 (characters) if you open any vCard with a notepad, you will be able to see the contact picture encoded with characters.

This is a sample vCard:

FN:Maria Anders
ORG:Alfreds Futterkiste
NOTE:Very Funny!

So... To give you an answer, Android should handle vCards natively, without any special configuration. I'm running Android 4.x as well, and it works as expected.

In my opinion, the issue is about how iPhone encodes the vCard.

You can try downloading this vCard file: I's been tested on many Android devices

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