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I have a HTC G1/Dream with CyanogenMod 6.1, based on Android 2.2.1. I would like to install Firefox, which requires Android 2.0 and up. But I cannot find it in the Android Market, and when I try to install it remotely from the web Android Market, I can see "This article is not compatible with your device".

What could be the origin of my problem?

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What does it say when you try to install? – Chance Jan 20 '12 at 19:29
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Firefox also requires an ARMv7 processor. The HTC Dream/G1 is officially unsupported because its processor is ARMv6. See the supported/unsupported device list on the Mozilla wiki:

These devices have ARMv6 processors and are not compatible with Firefox for Android:


  • HTC Dream (T-Mobile G1, Android Dev Phone 1)


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The answer to this question from eldarerathis is currently correct; now, though, ARMv6 support is in the works too, and it can be downloaded from Mozilla.

(However, the Aurora build of mobile Firefox worked better for me than the nightly build last time I tried it; however, I have a slightly unusual device using a QVGA (small) screen and a keyboard).

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