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  1. My phone is turned off
  2. 11:00 - My friend sends me a text message/sms
  3. 2:00 - I turn my phone on.
  4. 2:01 - I receive the text message/sms, the timestamp is 2:01
  5. But I want the timestamp to be 11:00

How do I get this to happen? I am on a ZTE Racer on giffgaff in the UK. I have Android 2.1, Eclair.

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This has been reported as a bug in the Android source but no particular action seems to have been taken. You can follow and star the issue on the Android bug tracker.

Alternatively, one comment on the bug tracker notes some potential workarounds you an take a look at:

Just an additional comment for all those still waiting for this bug to be fixed: current version of Handcent saves the "sent time" of the messages. It can be seen on "message details". It's not the perfect solution but it's the best solution that we have right now.

"SMS Timestamper Fix" from andrperk worked for me most of the times but not always.

Additionally, some commenters have reported that certain handsets do not suffer from this bug, presumably because the manufacturer patched it themselves in their messaging application or SMS framework.

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