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I flashed a Nexus S i9020T Android 4.0.3 package image onto my AT&T Nexus S. The flash was a success, but the wi-fi is intermittent. It will come on for a bit, but then lose connectivity. In the top notification bar, the wi-fi icon goes away, but the system says that wi-fi is still on.

Could the wi-fi problem be caused by my not flashing the correct radio image after I flashed the ICS ROM? This warning/error message is showing up in LogCat every 1 second.

01-31 09:49:18.824: WARN/wpa_supplicant(2202): wlan0: Failed to initiate AP scan

01-31 09:49:18.824: ERROR/wpa_supplicant(2202): ioctl[SIOCSIWPRIV] (cscan): -1

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As that's the wrong stock image for your phone there's something in it that doesn't work correctly, such as a baseband or radio image that's incorrect.

You may have luck updating the drivers:

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I flashed a new radio image and i can make/recieve calls and get 3g data.. wifi is flaky. I can try that thanks – Styler Jan 30 '12 at 18:09

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