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I once had Acrobat Reader and Seesmic installed in my LG GT540 (Android 2.1).

I had to uninstall them to free some space. After a few days I tried to install those apps again, but their updates made them unavailable to my Android version.

Is there anything I could do to install the latest compatible version?

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Ok, this is not exactly what I was looking for, but it works... it is more like a preventive approach.

So, my solution would was to install Titanium Backup (which requires root access to work) and backup all my apps. Then, whenever I need more space, I just backup my apps before I go on. If I need them again, I can use Titanium Backup and restore.

And this is why I consider it a preventive approach: it is all about regular backups.

If anyone knows a better way to do this, please share =)

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