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Bought this little netbook a few weeks ago. Seems good in many ways & useful for my work (I'm a writer) but cannot connect to the internet. I am using a dongle (HUAWEI E220, which is on recommended list) but think I cannot be entering right details. Have tried following user's manual, also suggestions from other internet sites, but nothing works. One problem may be that desktop on my device seems to differ slightly from others.

I click on 3G settings then on Add 3G network, after which I am faced by the following:

  • Name
  • Device number
  • APN
  • User

Other option is to click on W-Fi settings, then Add Wi-Fi network - after which I have to add Network SSID and Security. Whatever advice I am following, nothing seems to work with either. Can anyone help?

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It sounds like your netbook doesn't support the USB dongle, but perhaps has a 3G radio built into it. This would be a fairly common setup, since USB modems and such are typically not supported by Android devices. What "recommended list" are you referring to regarding the dongle? – eldarerathis Feb 16 '12 at 17:14

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