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I am trying to install a p12 certificate on my Samsung Note. From what I've read, this can be accomplished with: menu->settings->Location and Security->Install from USB Storage (or SDCard storage, depending on the phone).

So, how do I transfer a file to the USB storage?

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transfer a file to usb storage you mean from pc to phone usb storage or from phone to flash drive ? – lord-ralf-adolf Jul 22 at 23:54

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Go to settings-applications-USB debugging and enable that. If you're running ICS, go to settings-developer options instead. Now when you connect your phone via USB, it will show up as a mass storage device and you can directly copy files to/from the mass storage (and SD card if you have one).

Try placing the certificate in the root directory of your SD card and then import it.

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In fact, you should put files not onto SD card, but in internal memory. – pwes Apr 19 '12 at 13:56

After you transfer files on usb storage, you cannot access it on your phone. You can do it only in your computer.

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