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How can I configure my 2.3.5 phone so that I don't get a notification for automatic upload of images and videos in google+?

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If you're talking about when your phone uploads to Google+ automatically using the built-in Instant Upload, then you can just switch that off in the Google+ notifications. In fact I think that you must have switched that on at some point because I'm sure it was off by default for me.

Open the Google+ app, press Menu, select Settings, press Notification Settings, and then scroll down to the Photos category and take the tick out of "Photos added from Instant Upload". You'll still get the red notification box at the top inside the Google+ app, but won't get notified in the standard Android notifications bar any more. The other notification settings are there too, if you want to tune any of the others.

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It's the latter, thanks! – 719016 Feb 24 '12 at 15:27

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