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Is it possible to automatically power on the device once the charger is connected given that the device is initially turned off?

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The battery charging graphic is displayed by /system/bin/playlpm file on Samsung devices.

If you are root, you can edit this file to


Be sure to add those permissions to the file

chmod 0755/system/bin/playlpm
chown /system/bin/playlpm

Your device will now boot when plugged

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Thanks @IET_DEMO , Do you know solutions for cyanogenmod devices to do this? – m0j1 Apr 5 at 20:54
Hi, I have a Cyanogenmod device , do you know how can I do this on cyanogenmod ? Thanks – m0j1 Apr 20 at 2:34
This only works on Samsung devices. This may be useful for you – IET_DEMO Apr 20 at 13:56

Just got this working for ZTE Force (Boost Force, Sprint Force, etc).

I used IET_DEMO's answer, but replaced the file located at /system/bin/battery_charging with this code:

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Hi, I have a Cyanogenmod device , do you know how can I do this on cyanogenmod ? Thanks – m0j1 Apr 20 at 2:34

For some older Samsung devices, this can be accomplished through NoMoarPowah!:

NoMoarPowah! can automatically reboot into Android when charging is done. Either when fully charged, or when the battery level reaches 15% and Android has enough juice to run.

You need root and you probably don't want to do it unless you really know what you're doing, since I would expect this to modify important system files.

It looks like this has been removed from the Play Store, but you can probably find the APK hosted elsewhere. (I don't have a trusted link offhand.)

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Kernel is loaded at a later stage in the boot-up process, so any modifications to it would not have any effect for when the device is powered off.

This functionality really depends on each device's hardware, most likely in the bootloader (more knowledgeable editors feel free to correct me.) For example, my Motorola Atrix 4G phone begins booting up when I connect a charger, while my Samsung Galaxy Tab does not - it displays the "Battery Charging" graphic and requires being powered on manually.

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so what brings up the Battery charging graphic on the screen ?! the bootloader is called when you hit on the power button manually, but what piece of code displays the battery charging graph on the screen ?! – Muhammad Ghandour Mar 4 '12 at 9:19

If you want to do the opposite, shutdown when charge, use this: "Auto ShutDown when no charge" good for my car's device and also had button broken

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I have found solution for my galaxy s4.IET_DEMO is right.You should edit some file that creates battery animation when charger is connected.But in my case , file's name was different.I searched through system/bin folder to find the file and I found it.Its name is "lpm".Just edit that file.More info @

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