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I want to record an online lecture and for some reason it plays faster on my Kindle than it does on my computer, though it still requires a lot of buffering.

I'd like to be able to record on the Kindle and then transfer the recording to Audacity on the computer to snip out the silent parts.

Most of the Android applications I've found record phone calls, which is not what I want to do.

I don't have a USB cable, so I can't root the Kindle. Amazon doesn't allow you to download this particular app for the Kindle, so I got it from 1mobile.com instead (saw it on an Amazon forum). When I try to use the app, it doesn't allow me to record, it says something about making sure my SD card is writeable (which it is) and to check my settings. When I change from high quality to low quality, it'll record, but then the controls become unresponsive. I seem to be the only one with this issue.

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Install Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder. It can record even if you push it to background. If your Kindle doesn't have Android Market installed, try this link.

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