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I currently use Link2SD since my phone's onboard storage is insufficient for more than a few essential apps. It is very effective but limited to when the phone is on.

While changing ROMs, the dalvik cache is wiped and when the phone restarts you see a progress bar saying Android is optimising applications. So given a reasonable number of applications, the dalvik cache fills up the storage long before link2sd can do anything about it.

So is there a way that mounts a sd card folder as the appropriate cache location before the system gets on with booting and doing its business? I know it might involve creating a symbolic link but I just don't know when things are mounted and in what order.

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There are some nice Howtos available, which might prove helpful to solve your issue:

According to several forum threads, A2SDGUI - Darktremor A2SD GUI should be the app of choice to move the Dalvik cache to your SD card.

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Would be nice if you could add some information from the links into your post – Flow Sep 14 '12 at 15:06
That's a bit too much stuff to integrate with my answer -- which is why I only extracted the basic hint, i.e. the app to do the work with. – Izzy Sep 14 '12 at 15:36

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