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Is there a way to block (by a password/PIN code or what else) all kinds of software installation on an Android tablet/smart phone?

I understand it is possible to block by a PIN code Market app instalation, but that only works for paid apps, and there are other ways to install applications other than the Market.

Rooting is not a problem.

Thank you!

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Unfortunately Android doesn't offer this functionality out of the box. There are several 3rd-party apps on the Market that can help though.

I personally use App Protector Pro on my son's tablet. This app allows you to set a PIN and then set up a "block list" of any installed apps, including system ones. Among other apps, I added Settings and Package Installer to this list. This presents the "password" prompt upon installation (or un-installation) of any apps, including from alternative markets (Amazon Appstore, GetJar, etc.) and even side-loading APKs. App Protector Pro itself is also by default set to be on the "protected" list.

Of course if your device is in the hands of a person that is somewhat knowledgeable of Android OS, they can do a bunch of things to circumvent this sort of protection, such as a factory reset from Recovery console, for example.

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That's pretty much what I was looking for. Thanks so much, again ;) – MobileCushion Mar 6 '12 at 15:31

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