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I want to: Send massive personlized text messages. Example of what I want to do: Send the same template to George & Juan

  • Hey Juan, how are you doing?
  • Hey George, how are you doing?

without having to type the same text twice, if not more.

What I have found so far:

Why I need it: When mass messages are personalized, there is a bigger chance of people replying back.

I need you to: Give me other alternatives to these apps... if there are... better ones.

Thank you.

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One nice alternative to the ones you already have is Group SMS by Tur Han available from Google Play Store.

It allows you to compose the message and:

  • add first and/or last name to the message text;
  • select the recipients individually.

Works pretty good, it's a free app (small publicity banner), with no bugs on my end. Shows the progress of each message being sent.

Group SMS

If you go to the PRO version, things just keep getting better and better:

  • create groups of contacts for quick sending (friends, family, work...)
  • History keeping & management
  • enhance search bar
  • select/deselect all your contacts with 1 touch
  • template management
  • history track of all messages with statistics
  • add Free
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