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I have found many apps for this in Play Store, but unable to pin-point them around all my needs. Here're my needs:

  • Calls should be answered without disruption of foreground apps.
  • Calls should be answered almost instantly (probably, during my absence).
  • For answering, my recorded voice should be used.
  • Caller's voice should be recorded and saved on external SD card.

Is there any app to fulfill my needs?

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Voice Mail immediately comes to mind, except for the external SD card saving. –  Propeller Jan 17 '13 at 3:11
@ShedoSurashu Voice Mail costs penny. And, I don't want to be locked (I change SIM often).. –  Sachin Shekhar Jan 24 '13 at 6:21
I'm sorry, I think the comment was for a different question. I deleted the comment. –  geffchang Feb 18 at 12:49
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Its hard to find such an app. Because all other apps will be idle when a call arrives. So While answering a call you can't play a file. Also in India's network we can't use voice message services from an App. it can be possible by carrier itself.

Before some months , I tried to create such an app. but due to above issue I can't make it happen. Lots of similar apps are available in play store but it won't support in india.

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Because all other apps will be idle when a call arrives. ~> Its not true. Technically, apps' activity can be launched with intent of call arrival. And, there exists many apps to show this. e.g. - Sanity, Indian Caller Info, Call Master etc. –  Sachin Shekhar Jan 24 '13 at 6:24
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An app named my voicemail is available at play store. It may help u

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How shall it help? And which app are you referring to (link)? A search for "voicemail" yields more than 600 results. –  Izzy Feb 16 at 23:42
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