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Is there an app that can control the volume of notifications for separate apps like SMS and Gmail? I searched around and found a number of old threads that says it's not possible. There was an app called WhoIsIt that did what I was looking for but it seems to have been discontinued.

Otherwise I guess I'll have to make a custom ringtone that's louder than normal and use different ringtones for SMS and Gmail.

I'm on Android 2.3 btw.

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Quick Answer

Volume control is managed system wide. The Android OS doesn't support independent control per application, only per stream type.


The AudioManager Class only provides developers a way to adjust the audio volume per Stream type, not per application running.

This means that when setting the volume for a specific stream, will affect the entire system.

Currently available streams:

Most of this screams exists since the API level 1, and continue to act the same way on the current API level 16.

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My Sprint Store Assistant Manager loaded MP3 Ringtone Maker from Google Play. He used that for the SMS text notification sound. I'm delighted since I now can hear when a text massage comes in. The result can be volume adjusted.

Sadly Google Reader and Google Gmail are almost whisper quiet despite his efforts.

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There are several apps on Google Play called "MP3 Ringtone Maker". Which one are you referring too? – THelper Oct 11 '12 at 7:12

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