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I regularly get phone calls from people trying to reach an old folks' home and I want to outright reject those automatically (without any "send to voicemail" ideally).

This was fairly painless on the Galaxy S: from the Call Log, tap-hold on the bad number, menu pops up, select "add to auto-reject". [Auto reject was enabled in the phone's settings before]

How do I achieve the same thing with the Galaxy Nexus? I'm figuring the same feature should be available from the stock ICS somewhere. If not, I'm open to lists of auto-reject apps.

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If it's the same people ringing you regularly what you could do is:

  • Add them as a contact, under 'Ignore1', 'Ignore2' etc. whenever they ring

  • Go to Contacts -> Select 'Ignore1' -> Options (or action menu) -> Select 'All calls to voicemail'

Or if you don't like this method then you could try:

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I didn't want to add a new contact called "Auto Reject List", but I guess it's good enough for now... Although, I'm just going to add all of the rejects into the same contact, because it's cleaner than flooding my contact list with "Ignore #1, #2, #3... etc" – starlocke Mar 15 '12 at 0:23
Ah yes I didn't think of adding them to the same one. I know it's irritating have to have them saved as a contact, you'd think you could just block people and then have a separate list of who you've blocked so you can revoke it if you change your mind. – Peanut Mar 15 '12 at 0:26

You can also try Call Manager.

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