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Here's the story. Today my phone (modded with Cyanogen mod) started bootlooping. So, I did a ClockworkMod backup and went about installing the latest version of Cyanogen mod. When that was done, I restored the backup, but it started bootlooping yet again. So now, I have a fresh install of Cyanogen mod but none of my texts or call logs etc, all my contacts were sync'd from my Facebook anyway so I can get them back easily.

Does anyone know how I can extract my text messages from the ClockworkMod backup without sending my device back into a bootloop?


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This won't help you currently, but something to consider for the future: if you find yourself switching ROMs frequently, you can try an SMS backup application like SMS Backup & Restore which backs up your messages to an XML on your SD card, or SMS Backup+ which syncs your messages and call logs to your Google account (essentially as GMail messages). – Martin Tapankov Mar 18 '12 at 20:12

Use Titanium Backup pro (Paid). It can restore individual apps+data from CWM backups!

It clearly colors data containers with Green. And, names of container which keep contacts etc. vary as per Android version & manufacturer, but they are generally human readable. Keep Green color in mind. If you find Contacts which is not colored with green, its app.. not data container.

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