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I do not understand why android devices (I think mobiles devices in general) overwrite the mail header named message-ID. I need to pass some parameters through this header to build threads but each time I try, is overwritten. My apps works very well with webmail and mail clients like Outlook and Thunderbird. Any idea? Do you know some apps to debug mail headers within android devices? Thanks Adam

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There are mail headers for threading (in particular I'm thinking of References: and In-Reply-To:), why not use one of those rather than trying to overload something else?

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I also tried with References header but unsuccessfully. It seems that mobile device not use this header nor In-Reply-To: header. For this reason, I would like to assert my hypothesis using a debug apps for mail mobile device. Someone knows somehow for debugging of mail headers? – Adam Sánchez Ayte Mar 20 '12 at 14:48

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