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I have installed an ICS ROM (Virtuous Inquisition 4.0) on my phone. In my address book I am syncronizing all contacts from my Gmail, Google+ and WhatsApp accounts with the consequence that some contacts have THREE entries! Is the ICS address book not able to group them together by default? I know this question is similar: Duplicate contacts with Google+, but the proposed solutions don't seem to work or are not really adequate.

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I guess these steps can reproduce the problem: (1) Create a contact "A" with phone number, no email on google contact; (2) Let B add you to his/her circle on google+; (3) Change contact A's email address to B's email. .... You now see two contact are merged on web, but seperated on phone. – J-16 SDiZ Sep 25 '12 at 1:12

Please try the following:

  • Select the duplicate contact Edit the contact
  • Access the menu for the edit contact page, and select the Join action
  • Select the contact you want to merge with from the suggested list, or search for the appropriate one.

Doing this will link the contacts.

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