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Is it possible to create an icon on my desktop home screen (Android 2.1 Samsung Galaxy) that I can tap to fire up the browser to a specific web site?

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Create it as a bookmark in the Android browser. Then, long-press your home screen and choose the "Bookmark" option. Select the bookmark you made and Voilà!

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@ Al E.: Soo much to learn when using a new phone/operating system/play thing ... I would give you 5 upvotes if I could. Thx. Just what I was looking for ... but I'm just curious: how did you come to know these things? From experience, of from a book ? I searched for a book, but found none. – Edelcom Oct 11 '10 at 13:45
@Edelcom: I read eight or so blogs devoted to Android, plus just playing around. – Al E. Oct 11 '10 at 14:28
Here's a tip for discovering new thing on your phone: try long clicking everywhere. – Matt Oct 11 '10 at 19:53

I was having a problem with adding bookmarks to the home screen with my new Samsung Galaxy Fame, using Android 4.1.2. The 'Add to home screen' option seemed to have disappeared.

The solution seems to be to use the stock browser (not Chrome). Create the bookmark. Long press the new bookmark and select the 'Create Shortcut' option. This places the bookmark on the home screen.

Nicholas Simms, Dublin

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I just want to add that the currently updated browsers such as Chrome for Android and Firefox offers exporting any site opened in a tab as a shortcut to home screen. There is now no need to create a bookmark to make a home screen shortcut.

  • For Chrome, simply open the website, tap Menu button and choose "Add to Home screen".

  • For Firefox, open the website, tap Menu button, go to Page and choose "Add to Home Screen".

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