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I'm trying to sync all my contacts from my HTC Desire HD to my google account but I can't see them anywhere in my google account. I have already found several tutorials on the the internet but still can't make my contacts visible in google account.

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You can do this the old-fashioned way if you want to do one-time sync only:

  • Go to Contacts and export to SD card. This will create a handy vCard file that will reside in the root of your SD card. Most often this will be 00001.vcf or some such.
  • From a desktop computer, go to Gmail contacts and choose Import from the menu above.

From the desktop you can add and edit your contacts much more easily than you would on the phone. However, I found syncing to be unreliable sometimes, especially with HTC Sence (I had the stock ROM previously on my HTC Desire) -- I had to deal with duplicate contacts and mysteriously vanishing phone numbers on a few occasions.

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