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Whenever I connect my device to my PC, it asks me on connection for the type of connection I want. If I select Samsung kies in the device it shows me connected, but in the kies it keeps connecting (with spinner...).

I have tried the solutions described on this question answers, but no avail.

The problem from the mentioned question is different from what I'm experiencing, so I ask your ideas about this?

Relevant details


Device : Samsung Galaxy i5801;
OS : android 2.2;
Baseband version : I5801DDJP2;
Build Number : FROYO.DDJP6;
Kernel Version :

kies Information

Interestingly when i go to help section of kies and click on kies information it freezes with some semi transparent layer on it so cant find its version (need to close it from task manager)

PC Information

Microsoft Windows Xp Service Pack 3

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is your device rooted? – SamSPICA Nov 26 '12 at 20:28

You could try to do a factory reset and then try to check out your trouble with Kies. Note: Backup all your data before the reset!

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I strongly doubt a factory reset of the phone will solve the OPs problem. It's more likely just Kies malfunctioning which happens a lot, it's just not a very solid piece of software. – THelper Oct 10 '12 at 19:17

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