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I'm following this answer on how to backup Angry Birds settings and hi-scores using Android Debugging Bridge. The command:

adb pull /data/data/com.rovio.angrybirds/files/highscores.lua C:\ab_highscores.lua

works perfectly for Angry Birds original, Rio and Seasons. The paths I need to change are:

  • angrybirds for original Angry Birds
  • angrybirdsrio for Angry Birds Rio
  • angrybirdsseasons for Angry Birds Seasons

Now, what is the path for Space? The most obvious one, angrybirdsspace is giving me error "Remote object not found".
Alternatively, how can I list content of /data/data folder? I think it's not possible with ADB.

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adb shell ls -l /data/data command will get you the file and directory listing you are looking for.

Specifically for Angry Birds Space, try adb pull C:\abs_highscores.lua

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