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I recently found that I could upgrade to the new CWM touch recovery version for my EVO 4g! However, to do this through the ROM manager app or get it directly onto the phone at all, it required a payment, although they specified it could be found (the same version) for free on their website. So naturally, I went and downloaded it as soon as I could.

But instead of a .zip file, as things that I usually flash, it is an .img file. This made sense, since I figured I wouldn't be installing a new recovery through the current recovery version, but I am unknowing as to how to install this new recovery image.

Anyone know what my next step is?

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where do i fine that recovery.img file? Link please – Nabin Khadka May 24 at 14:07
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If you have a fastboot-enabled bootloader version (such as the old 0.76.0000 engineering HBOOT in the EVO's case) you can use that to flash it from a PC via USB. Reboot into your bootloader, then select the "Fastboot" option from the boot menu (if it has one, it may start up fastboot automatically). Once it's ready, go to your PC's shell and execute:

fastboot flash recovery /path/to/recovery.img

You should also be able to use the flash_image binary if your ROM has it (or you install it from XDA). Copy the recovery.img over to your device somewhere then do the following:

C:> adb shell
$ su
# flash_image recovery /path/to/recovery.img
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+1 Nice, you posted this while I was editing. – Matthew Read Apr 13 '12 at 18:57
used the second method. worked like a charm!! Thanks to both of you – jlehenbauer Apr 13 '12 at 20:53
where do i fine that recovery.img file? Link please – Nabin Khadka May 24 at 14:07
It depends on your device and the version you're looking for. Team Win Recovery Project has a list on their devices page that can find the .img file for your phone. You can also visit Clockworkmod, who doesn't seem to provide .img files anymore, but prefers you do it through their app (linked there). – jlehenbauer Jun 18 at 15:19

One way is to open ROM Manager and choose "Flash ClockworkMod Recovery". Select your device when it prompts and wait for it to download the latest (non-touch) recovery. Using a file browser, go to /sdcard/clockworkmod/download/<site>/recoveries and paste your .img there. <site> may be or something else, just check the folders till you find an IMG file with the current date. Rename the existing .img to something else and rename yours to the exact same name as the existing file was named. For example, rename recovery.clockwork- to bak.img and then name your file recovery.clockwork- Then return to ROM Manager and flash the recovery normally.

Another method is to use fastboot from your PC. Put your device into fastboot mode and then:

fastboot flash recovery <path/to/your-recovery.img>

Another is to use a terminal on your device:

/data/data/com.koushikdutta.rommanager/files/flash_image <path/to/your-recovery.img>

(You can move flash_image somewhere more manageable first, just make sure it has execute permissions.)

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thanks! Edited the question. Which option do i chose in ROM Manager though? Each button to flash a Recovery doesn't let me chose it from my SD card.. – jlehenbauer Apr 13 '12 at 18:41
@jlehenbauer I should have added that, it's not exactly straightforward through CWM. The second and third options are better. – Matthew Read Apr 13 '12 at 18:56
where do i fine that recovery.img file? Link please – Nabin Khadka May 24 at 14:07

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