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I am using Maverick application for GPS navigation. In previous versions the back button caused to quit the application. (Which is also correct behavior according to question: What is the right way to close apps in Android?)
Currently I have Maverick 1.94 Lite. When I press the back button, Maverick only hides to background. (The same as if I pressed home button). I don't see anywhere in menu an option to exit.
I wish to avoid task killers, or switching of my phone in order to quit Maverick.

How do I exit from Maverick?

My phone is SK17i aka Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini pro.

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If you go to Settings -> Apps and scroll to Maverick and select it there should be a 'Force stop' button. It's not really 'exiting' as such but it will definitely force the app to totally close down and stop running in the background.

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