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I often check my mail at my office using the VPN connection which bridged my PC with the Microsoft Exchange Server and so that I can check mail using Outlook.

I want to do the same thing when I'm out of my office and on my Nexus One mobile phone. I have succeeded in setting up the VPN connection (see details here). But I cannot succeed in setting up my email on the phone.

Steps I have made:

  1. Open my phoen (Nexus One)
  2. Connect to VPN
  3. Open Email application
  4. Enter the email & password
  5. Select Miscrosoft Exchange ActiveSync
  6. Enter domain\username, password, and server
  7. Any other options are left as-is ('User SSL' checked, 'Accept all cert' unchecked)
  8. Failed :)

The information I entered are exactly all the same as what I use in Outlook, i.e. the email/password, then the domain\user, pass and server for Ms Exchange. But the connection to the server failed on my N1 - it says "Setup not finish. Unable to open connection to server due to security error".

Have you ever succeeded? If so, please share. Your help are very much helpful & appreciated to me!

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After a while trying, I try to check the 'Accept all certification in step 7, and it works.

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Please "accept" this answer. – Matthew Read Dec 17 '10 at 5:28

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