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I'm trying to update my unbranded HTC Sensation to an Ice Cream Sandwich stock ROM (from here).

I've followed the various instructions where I install the ROM, then flash the phone with the HTC Sensation firmware from here, which matches my phone's CID.

The phone is now stuck in a boot loop, but I can't find any help out there for why it's doing this. Could anyone suggest an answer?

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I found the answer quicker than I thought I would, it turns out I was using the wrong firmware version. You need to check the ROM that the firmware is for, and apply it after the ROM is installed.

So my ROM is Sensation_3.32.401.5_deodexed

Which meant I should've chosen (from here):

Firmware from 3.32.401.x & 3.32.401.10x RUU
--- MD5 checksum: 74A8E07D40A42DA1B4B56C224C42E692 *PG58IMG.zip ---
--- Only for 3.32.401.x & 3.32.401.10x based ROMs

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