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I'm looking for a simple to-do list, that preferably is cloud-synced. I'd like something with a relatively light-weight, simple interface, similar to Any.Do or #fetchnotes. I was using CheckMark Pro, but it is really WAY overkill for what I want.

My biggest criteria is that I want to be able to set a task to repeat, some interval from the date it is completed. Most of them let you repeat every 6 months or 2 weeks or whatever, from the due date. But take this example:

Task with due date of 5/30. Task set to repeat every 6 months from completion. I complete the task, marking it done, on 5/13. The next occurrence should now repeat 6 months from 5/13 (the completion date), not from 5/30 (the original due date).

And of course whatever reminder is set (2 weeks for example) should be relative to the new due date, 5/13 in the example above.

Most of the one's I've looked at either are not cloud-synced. And I've not found any others than CheckMark Pro that allow the next occurrence to repeat based on COMPLETION date rather than DUE date.

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Recurring dates - e.g. Clean fridge with due date every! 3 months starting 10 April

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Moving my accepted answer, since Astrid is no longer around. – eidylon May 31 at 4:12

Astrid has support for scheduled reminders based on completion date.

Cloud support is also present - tasks sync with


Also Remember The Milk allows a user to schedule due dates depending on the completion of a task - one needs to enter "after x days" instead of "every x days". Android and iOS apps available.

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Stupid, I know, but boy does that Astrid icon irk me! LOL . I didn't realize they'd added this repeat mode though, I'll have to check it out again. Modern launchers mostly let you change the icon for shortcuts anyway. B) – eidylon Apr 30 '12 at 15:56
Accepted. Does what I want. The new UI is also very nice and clean! Still bugged by the icon tho. Ah... that should be the worst of my problems! lol – eidylon May 1 '12 at 20:37
What about RTM? Did you give that a try as well? – Sparx May 2 '12 at 6:07

Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but the default calendar allows you to repeat events. The following repeat options exist:

  • None
  • Daily
  • Weekly (every Sunday)
  • Every 2 weeks (Sunday)
  • Monthly (every last Sun)
  • Monthly (on day 29)
  • Yearly (on April 29)

NOTE: The dates are Sunday, because it's Sunday here.

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No. None of those repeat options meet the requirements. Those are simply hardcoded repeats. I need it to dynamically adjust the repeat date based on the completion date. – eidylon Apr 30 '12 at 19:05

Google Tasks Organizer Lite by Tinjasoft does that.

share|improve this answer is very good, easy to use, flexible and has postponable reminders. They also have a Cal extension.

Millions use every day to remember all the tasks they want to-do and make sure they get them done. Key benefits: Seamless cloud sync, Speech recognition, Alerts, Moment, Snooze tasks, Google Task Sync, Notes, Sub tasks, Amazing Widgets, Repeating / Recurring Tasks, Missed call, Auto complete, In app actions, Gesture support & much more!

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Are you affiliated to by any chance, or just a happy user? If you are affiliated the rules of this site require you to mention this in your answer. – THelper Dec 16 '13 at 10:11
Happy user of course. Although I would like to be able to choose pospone time (you currently can only choose to pospone by 15m, 1h, 3h, tomorrow) – Jess Stone Dec 16 '13 at 10:29
Last I checked though, it does not have the one requirement I really need, which is repeat interval based on completion date. If I complete the task early, the next reminder needs to come up 6 months earlier, from the date COMPLETED, not from the last due date. Unless they've since added this? I did always like the LOOK of, it is beautiful, but I really do need this feature. – eidylon Dec 16 '13 at 17:13

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