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I've been using the Google Maps app to cache the maps on certain places where I might be going in the future. I don't always have internet access which is why I'm doing this. Now that I've cached most of the places I might possibly go to, I want to clear my search history to remove the clutter. I don't want to clear the whole shebang. Otherwise, my "pre-caching" actions would just be wasted efforts. I just want the search history on Google Maps to be cleared. How do I do this?

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It's possible that if you use the Download Map lab, you'll be able to clear your cache (but not data) without also clearing the maps. But you can't do directions or search with those maps.

In reality I think you'd probably be better off downloading an app specifically made for offline maps access, such as MapDroyd.

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Yes, You can clear the location history.

For that open settings > Location > Location Services > Google Location History. Here you will see the Delete location history option at the bottom of screen.

Just hit that option.

That's it !!

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