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I recently obtained a used HTC Wildfire phone which unfortunately had no memory card. I have replaced the memory card, but of course there are no apps on it. If I try to download apps, i am taken to google play market and after a while i would receive a message telling me to log in. I log in with my Gmail account and then get a message saying that i have not logged onto google play with that phone before. That is about how far I get. There is no option to allow me to connect and no solution is proffered. Does anyone have a solution that will help because this is getting me frustrated and hating an otherwise great phone.

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Did you factory reset the phone when you got it? Is the account you're using the same as the primary one used by the phone? – Matthew Read May 2 '12 at 22:31
Are you using the Play Store's website to browse for apps, or are you using the Play Store application? What you've described sounds more like the website but it's a bit unclear. – eldarerathis May 2 '12 at 23:10