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Currently I am using SMS Backup & Restore to regularly backup my SMS to Gmail daily. It works perfectly.

Now I am looking for a similar software that backs up files (on folders I select from SDcard) as well as my contacts regularly (daily/weekly for example).

Does anyone know apps that can do this? Preferably no root required but if I have to I might as well just root.

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Backing up contacts? Doesn't Google take care of that already? Also do you have a preference about where you want your files? – Richard Borcsik May 7 '12 at 15:33
@RichardBorcsik I use another Google account for my phone. The reason is I do not want a thief to access to my Google account in case it gets stolen/lost. Due to this, I kinda treat my phone contacts like an old school phone, totally separate list. About the files, I like to choose predefined folders that will be backedup regularly via email or dropbox. – IMB May 7 '12 at 15:55

If root is an option, the ultimate answer would be Titanium Backup. Scheduled backup of everything, support for Dropbox and more.

As for folders, I'd say FolderSync is certainly worth a try. Support for many cloud services, as well as your own servers via FTP and more.

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