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Occasionally, you receive SMS messages that have a company name rather than a reply number. The network provider, for example, might send texts from "T-Mobile" or "Vodafone" whilst banks might appear as "Barclays" or "Halifax" etc.

I recently got one of these messages from a system at work and was wondering if there is any way to add a contact photo to them?

I tried to do this in the normal way, by adding the message sender as a contact. I thought this had been successful, however the phone simply created a new contact with an email address of "Sending Company Name", which isn't associated with the texts sent so the picture I added to the newly created contact doesn't show in the message thread:

Message thread view

Yet if you click the view contact button from the message thread:

Contact view

Then the picture shows - it's really strange! Has anyone been able to get this working in the past? I'm using an HTC Sensation on Android 4.0.

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I tried everything I could think of to solve this problem over a year ago but came up empty handed. –  Richard Borcsik May 8 '12 at 21:15

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