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Possible Duplicate:
Application for automatic synchronization of remote folders?

How can I synchronize a folder in an Android device with a server folder? In other words, if in server a file is updated with the same name, then that file will also synchronize with the device.

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You use service like Dropbox and Google Drive. – roxan May 21 '12 at 6:49

Use FolderSync (Free lite version is also available with some limitations). It supports FTP, SFTP, FTPS, FTPES, WebDAVs etc. protocols to connect with server. It has many sync options: Two-way sync, One-way sync (up or down).

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Most of the "cloud" services that have an Android app should work for you (e.g. Box - app, Dropbox - app, Google Drive - app, SugarSync - app, etc.)

However, keep in mind that most such 3rd-party services store your data on their own servers. If you are conscious about sensitivity of your data and want more control over how and where it's stored, the off-the-shelf services may not be the solution for you. You'll need to set up your own FTP/WebDAV/etc. server, and make it available online by modifying your network's firewall rules to allow outside connectivity. If you have a dynamic IP address from your ISP, you'll also want to register with a free service like No-IP which gives your server a static URL and little Windows/Mac/Unix utility to keep the server's IP address in sync, so that it's always accessible.

You can then use a different kind of a sync app which allows for specifying address/type of the server to sync to. Sachin's suggestion FolderSync will work perfectly for that.

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