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I use 2010 Outlook running on a PoP3 server. I just bought a Galaxy Note and love it. But I need an e-mail app like outlook that will allow me to setup folder and rules to move specific e-mail in their correct folders. I don't care about syncing with Outlook on my window x64 O.S. because my server handles that for me. But I need the portability of my note with a sort of sophisticated folder/rule e-mail app. I don't mind paying for it, as long as it just doesn't delete my mail after 30 days.

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Try Touchdown. Their feature list includes "Email Folders" and allows for rules/filters (per this thread). If you like it, make sure to buy a licence before the 30-day trial is up.

I'm not an Exchange-on-Android user myself, but of those I know who are many prefer Touchdown.

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Thanks I will look at it. I am a believer in purchasing software. – M.Allen May 23 '12 at 23:00

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